Configuration and use


Own part

Own block



The program can generate views of more than 250 kinds of parts or profiles according CSN
and 130 according DIN in following formats:

  • dxf format

  • program in Autolisp language (English Acad)

  • program in Autolisp language (Czech Acad)

  • program in language used in I-deas Drafting

  • macro in Microstation Basic

  • script (*.gdl) in Archicad

  • script (*mac) in ME10

  • program (*.ocp) in Othercad

  • macro (*.cdl) in Cadkey

  • drawing in program Ocadis

  • macro (*.d3m) in DesignCAD

  • data file (*.txt) for macro in Cadvance 6.5B

  • data file (*.txt) for macro in TurboCAD Learning Edition

  • data file (*.txt) for macro in Solid Edge drafting

Development and using of the program is according GNU GPL license

Program can run under Windows or Linux because is written in library Gtk.

The program is in branch of generating mechanical engineering parts fully comparable with other commercial programs.

The program can be used in network environment.

Advantage of this program is, that is possible to very easy adopt firm and foreign norms by overwriting of data files. Data files are in simple format and in ASCII.

Other advantage is, that program can be easy modified for scripting languages used in other CAD systems adding of procedures for drawing of lines, circles and arcs.

The database of standards was made from accessible CSN standards.

Din standards are according “DIN TASHENBUCH - Mechanische
Verbindungselemente 1-4”

It is possible to add own blocks, that was drawn in dxf format.

The program was extensive tested (two times reading and check of generated part dimensions).

Please contact the author if you want to contribute or found any error in data or program.